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English Version:
The Educational  Pledge
By Alberto O. Cappas


I pledge to maintain
A healthy mind and body
Staying away from the evil of drugs
I pledge always to try my best to understand
The importance of knowledge and education
I pledge to paint a positive picture
Of where
I plan to be tomorrow

Not allowing obstacles to stop the growth
Of my plans for the future
I pledge to seek answers to questions
With the understanding that they
Will lead to other discoveries
I pledge to work diligently
With the awareness and confidence
That hard work today will serve
As the seeds for my strong tree tomorrow
A tree that no one will be able to tear down
I pledge to learn proper languages
Beginning with the language of my Mother
Always prepared to appreciate others
I pledge to gain a better understanding of
who I am
By understanding my Cultural roots
To fully accept who I am
As a spiritual and human being,
A rainbow of many cultures and colors
I pledge to overcome any personal misfortunes
Becoming stronger from such misfortunes

Always striving to become
A compassionate and wise person.

Spanish Version:
La Promesa Educacional
Por Alberto O. Cappas


Yo prometo mantener
Mente y cuerpo saludable
Alejandome del maligno vicio de las drogas
Prometo siempre esforzarme para mejor comprender
La importancia del conocimiento y la educación
Pintando un retrato positivo hacia donde
Pienso estar mañana
No permitiendo obstaculos que tronchen el desarrollo
De mis proyectos hacia el futuro
Prometo buscar respuestas a mis preguntas
Comprendiendo que las repuestas a preguntas
A veces nos llevan a otros descubrimientos
Prometo trabajar con esfuerzo
Con el conocimiento y confianza
Que el trabajo arduo hoy servirá
Como semillas para el árbol fuerte del mañana
Un árbol que jamás se podrá arrancar
Prometo aprender idiomas correctamente
Comenzando con el de mi madre
Siempre dispuesto a apreciar los de otros
Prometo lograr mejor conocimiento de mi persona
Con el conocimiento de mis raices culturales
Aceptando quién soy como ser espiritual y ser humano
Un arco iris de varias culturas y colores
Prometo vencer mis desgracias personales
Haciéndome más fuerte por las desdichas
Siempre esforzándome hacia la potencialidad
De ser una persona de
compacion y sabia.

Translated by Coral Caporale, JD
Frances Cosme, Anthony Camacho, Jacqueline Arriaga
Recipients of "Making the Educationl Pledge Spirit" Award
  Get Smart, Take the Pledge / And Secure Your Future!
I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that my daughter is soooo excited about receiving her certificate in the mail.  She said the following:  "Mami, something special happened. I got a certificate in the mail with my name on it." She reads it to me then says, "I put it on the fridge and read it everyday over and over.  It helps me want to keep doing good so I can go to college and have a career."   I can't even begin to tell you how good that makes me feel as a parent.  I get emotional just thinking about it.  Thanks for doing that for her. It means a lot to me.  She said she's going to read the books you sent her as well. You're doing a great thing with our youth and I applaud your hard work and dedication. It's amazing what we can accomplish... one youth at a time.  Thanks again!!!  You're a blessing!!! --- Tanya, Buffalo, NY
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